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Domainnews Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox in association with EuroDNS.

Stay up-to-date and never miss the news.

Features of the toolbar include an integrated Domain Name Search Engine and Web search.

Download the Internet Explorer Version.

Download the Firefox Version (Windows and Linux).


The picture of the toolbar is split into two parts for demonstration purposes. The toolbar is currently in Beta stage of development and testing, but we encourage users to install it and send us feedback and enhancement requests. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us using our contact form.

From left to right:

Yahoo! Search: If you want to start a search on Yahoo! you can do this in 3 different languages - French, German, English. Why is it useful? You will see the different search results that your search query generates, you will see the quality of the websites and advertisements that will be displayed on Yahoo.

Domain Name Search: The 4th button, the EuroDNS -E-, allows you to search for ccTLD´s based on the keyword that you entered in the searchbox.

Highlight: This is a highlighter to make the search results in Yahoo more visible.

Domainnews Toolbar

Live feeds: Some of the best features of the toolbar is the live newsfeed from and the closing auctions of Afternic.

Live Whois:The blue -W- shows you the whois information of the URL that you are viewing in your browser window. The Button -check alternative TLD- shows you all the available TLDs of the current URL displayed in your browser window.

Alex Ranking: Clicking this will show you your current ranking on the Alexa website.

Domainnews Toolbar

In the future, we plan to provide users with updated and improved toolbars with more functionality.

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